Senator Stewart

Linda Stewart, “The Peoples Leader” has a clear plan to lead Orange County, Orlando and Central Florida by “Putting Florida back to work by creating jobs, building a green economy while working to protect our kids, support our educators and fight for women’s rights and equality for all.”

Linda is a tireless champion for equality as a former Orange County Commissioner and in bringing jobs and Corporations to what we now know as “The Medical and Innovation Park.” Linda will fight for families, jobs, and equality in Tallahassee in the Florida State Senate.

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On the Issues

Women’s rights are undeniable. In the wake of the recent U.S. Supreme Court leak, I feel it is absolutely necessary to make a statement. Abortion rights are women’s rights and the government has no place controlling how a woman takes care of her body, especially during pregancy. I stand with women and will continue to fight for our rights in Tallahassee.

Climate change affects the state of Florida at quick and alarming rates. In the 2021 session I was able to pass a resolution that every senator voted for acknowledging the impact of climate change on Florida. Now it is time to work to make Florida a greener, more energy efficient state. My goal is to pass legislation that supports the increased use of solar energy, as well as legislation that protects the beautiful springs of central Florida from chemical overload.

As a multi-time recipient of Watermark’s the award for “Greatest Ally to the LGBTQ Community”, Linda Stewart continues to prove her longstanding support for inclusion and diversity. For years I have pushed for funding to LGBTQ organizations and strongly opposed legislation that targets the rights of and works to silence the LGBTQ community.

I have a strong belief that all children deserve access to a quality education from the state of Florida. I have filed legislation to require parity between Public, Charter, and Private schools in efforts to make sure all students are in a safe and high quality learning environment.

My number one concern while I’m hearing legislation is, “How does this effect my constituents?” With prices on the rise, I continue to vote for important reforms to insurance in an effort to reduce premiums. I also support vital tax breaks for consumers on everything from disaster preparedness, gasoline, and diapers.

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