Legislative Record


During this past legislative session I sponsored many pieces of legislation centered around the core values shared by those in my community. I am proud of the many achievements I was able to accomplish on behalf of my constituents and the people of Florida. 

This session I was able to move multiple important pieces of legislation to the Governor’s desk.


Legislation Passed

HB 199 : Donna’s law

Helps to protect victims of sexual trauma who are under 18 by removing the statute of limitation on minors seeking to report sexual battery. Once in effect, those under the age of 18 will not have a limited amount of time to report these crimes. 

HB 675: Exposure of Sexual Organs

This bill will add the crime of exposure of sexual organs to the list of misdemeanor offenses for which an officer may conduct a warrantless arrest. It also increases the penalty for subsequent charges from a misdemeanor to a 3rd-degree felony. 

SR 1572: Climate Change.

I brought this resolution forward as a form of public acknowledgment, that climate change is real, and that the legislature recognizes that we must take steps to address its impacts on the State of Florida. 

HB 61: Motor Vehicle Racing 

This bill allows an officer to conduct a warrantless arrest of an individual participating in criminal motor vehicle racing. Individuals participating in these activities are often difficult to catch in the act and can frequently endanger the lives of innocent bystanders.

First Steps

I was also able to make some historic first steps with other pieces of legislation I proposed. While this bill may not have made it all the way across the finish line, they took major steps in creating discussions on important topics.

SB 90: Discrimination in Labor and Employment

This bill, also known as “Equal Pay for Equal Work” would establish parity in pay for men and women. It would also prevent employers from assigning an individual to a lower-paying career track. This bill was heard in a committee for the first time ever! A major first step in opening the discussion on the disparities faced in the workplace. 

SB 334: Tourist Development Tax.

This bill would have added an additional, optional provision in statute that would allow Tourist Development Dollars to be used to incentivize film production in Florida. Using these dollars to fund productions in Florida would not only continue to showcase the many amenities the State has to offer but would also generate additional Tax revenue paid by those companies filming here!

SB 1300: Assault Weapons 

Each year I sponsor this bill that would end the sale, transfer,or distribution of assault weapons in Florida. Part of this bill’s language has been heard on the Senate floor in the form of an amendment. While the amendment did not pass, it was the first time that a real conversation took place around the restriction of assault weapons. 

Committee Assignments

      Vice Chair: Environment and Natural Resources


     Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment, and General             Government

     Banking and Insurance

     Governmental Oversight and Accountability

     Regulated Industries

     Joint Legislative Budget Commission

     Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining

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