A Better Transportation System

Sybrina understands the need to rethink transportation in Miami-Dade. The fact of the matter is that communities throughout South Florida are some of the most congested in the country, with many residents spending hours each day in bumper-to-bumper traffic just to get to and from work, school, and other daily destinations. We must adjust how we think about transportation to and invest in options that create good-paying jobs and allow residents to live near the communities in which they work or study.

As our next Commissioner, Sybrina will deploy a comprehensive approach to transportation, including: 

  • Supporting Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan implementation to improve rapid transit corridors throughout the county. 
  • Advancing regional transit options to connect those in Miami-Dade to economic opportunities in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 
  • Investing in micro mobility infrastructure, such as bike lanes, to ease the burden on our roads and encourage cost-effective, environmentally-friendly transportation options.

Economic Opportunity For All

While many local officials tout Miami-Dade’s thriving economy, the inequality gap continues to grow as the middle class shrinks and poverty becomes more widespread. 40 percent of local families earn less than what it costs to live here and African American residents are two-and-a-half-times more likely to live in poverty than white residents. Housing in the area is too expensive and wages too low for many local residents to live safely and securely.

Sybrina believes we must put people over profits and close the economic equity gap so that everyone can prosper by: 

  • Fostering an environment that equips local entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools to succeed.
  • Creating more opportunities for small and minority businesses to participate in county contract bidding process
  • Promoting policies that will attract investment to our region and position Miami-Dade as an economic leader with good-paying jobs for all — not just those at the top of the economic food chain.

Housing Affordability

Miami-Dade faces a housing affordability crisis as more and more local residents struggle to find housing they can afford and are priced out of the neighborhoods they have called home for decades. This impacts not only those individuals’ and families’ economic security, but also the local economy as residents cannot spend incomes on things beyond housing.

Sybrina has direct experience working in Miami-Dade’s Housing Department and firmly believes that housing is a human right. After the Scott Carver X was demolished, Sybrina was instrumental in helping relocate residents. 

As our next Commissioner, Sybrina will:

  • Fight for housing options that are more affordable, safer, and secure for all who call our County home.
  • Pursue innovative programs and partnerships to help alleviate the housing burden felt by many area families.
  • Protect the integrity of our neighborhoods from big developers and real estate special interests out to boost their bottom line.
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